Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This morning, before the service begins, we will be singing # 1 of the Augment, ”We Come O Christ to You." This is a modern hymn written by Margaret Clarkson. This Canadian hymn writer was born in Melville, Saskatchewan in 1915 and now, in her old age, lives in a nursing home in Toronto. Ms. Clarkson is a lifelong Presbyterian. (Subsequent to the writing of this, Margaret Clarkson passed away, March 17, 2008--obituary.)

This is a lovely hymn of praise to Christ who is the source of our life (stanza 1), the Way (st. 2), the Truth (st. 3), the Life (st. 4), our Saviour and King (st. 5). She wrote it especially for young people (see stanza 5). With a brilliant economy of words, our Lord Jesus Christ is praised with many names and designations: Son of God, the Agent of creation, the Author of life, the One who cares for us, the Way, our Judge and Maker, the One who loves us, the Truth, Wisdom, the great I AM, the Life, the risen Lord, Christ, Saviour, King. Also, the many aspects of his work are described: He was instrumental in creation; with His blood He atoned for our sins; He rules over all and will Judge everyone.

The tune, Eastview, was written by James V. Lee, an officer in the British army during the Great War and a church organist.

Sources: Psalter Hymnal Handbook; Internet.

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