Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This hymn, found in the 1912 Psalter, is a New Testament paraphrase of Psalm 72:8-19 that brings out the Christology of the Psalm. In stanza 1 (=Ps. 72:8-11) the worldwide rule of Christ over all peoples and kingdoms is proclaimed. Stanza 2 (= vv. 12-14) sings of Christ's saving mercy to the needy and oppressed. Stanza 3 (= vv. 15-17) speaks of the blessings of His endless reign. The final stanza (=vv. 18-19) is a doxology (originally the doxology that ended Book 2 of the Psalms).

Albert Piersma (born in Friesland, 1901; died in Grand Rapids, 1960) composed the tune, KING OF GLORY. Beside his day job at a furniture store, Piersma was a church organist for over thirty years. He wrote a number of hymn tunes and texts. This tune is stately and builds to a solid climax in the final line. It's majestic.

Sources: Psalter Hymnal Handbook; Internet

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